3. Entry Information

*Original title:
  English title:
*Country of production
* I declare that my entry was completed and/or released during the year 2017
Running Time Mins

Language used in the Entry


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Please note: It is mandatory that non-English entries in the Animation categories carry English sub-titles.

Award Category being entered: (Mandatory field - Only one category box to be ticked across Animation, VFX, Gaming & Open Category) All categories are for professionals (individuals or studios) except when stated otherwise.

Animation Category
Short Film - Student
Short Film - Professional
AD Film
Promo Film

Gaming Categories
Mobile and Tablet Game:Sports
Mobile and Tablet Game:Puzzle
Mobile and Tablet Game:Action / Adventure
Mobile and Tablet Game:Arcade / Casual
Mobile and Tablet Game:Other Genres
PC & Console Game & Hand-held Game
Virtual & Augmented Reality Game
Student Game

VFX Categories
Short Film - Student
AD Film
Promo Film
Shot of the Year[Film]

* Please choose the competition format you would like to compete in: 
International Indian Both
  • Indian – This option is for Indian products i.e entries produced by Indian citizens OR companies/institutions registered in India. Additionally, in cases of partnerships, co-production & joint production, this is applicable provided the IP originated from an Indian citizen OR companies/institutions registered in India. However, the work execution could have been carried out anywhere in the world.

  • International - For all entries produced outside India. Also, Indian entrants who wish to compete on an International platform can choose to participate in this ‘International’ format. 

  • Both - Alternately, Indian entrants can choose to participate in both ‘Indian’ and ‘International’ formats. 
OPEN CATEGORY [Only applicable If your entry does not fall under any of the official award categories, but is an innovative application/ feature/trend developed in the field of the Animation, Gaming or VFX]
Kindly provide details below:

If you have entered any of the Animation categories (except Animated AD Film and Animated Promo) please fill in the synopsis of your entry in not more than 200 words.

Are there any special features or information about your entry that we should know about? If so, kindly describe the same in not more than 200 words



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